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Where Are KW’s FREE Public Restrooms?

Believe it or not, two of the biggest complaints I hear about Key West are the lack of free public parking along with the scarcity of public restrooms. I’ve blogged on the parking problems giving some FREE help on curing your automotive parking concerns. Now it’s time to tackle the restroom problems.

Here are the three busiest sections of town and where to cure your bodily needs in each. The first (upper left) is the largest and CLEANEST by far, it’s located on the ocean in the section of town called ‘Harbor Walk’. The second (pictured below) is the oldest, most used and least clean of all public restrooms and can be found in the busiest section of town called ‘Mallory Square’. The third (not pictured) is your typical beach restroom complete with a shower nozzle to wash off the sand from your body after a day at the beach and can be found at Higgs Beach. True, there’s more but that’s for another blog!

There you have it, the three busiest most attended areas of town with their respective FREE restrooms. Most business on Duval Street including national fast food chains like Wendy’s ONLY allow paying customers to use their restrooms. Even though I want to write more, I must stop now because… I must go and find a FREE restroom! ?

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