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What’s A Bar Pilot?

What the heck is a ‘Bar Pilot’? I’ll take a wild guess: Airline pilots who have one too many drinks at the local bar before their flight and end up being the lead on tonight’s news! OK, that’s 100% wrong, I’ll now refer to an on-line encyclopedia so give me a few minutes… (3-minutes 18-seconds pass)… I’m back, here we go:

Bar Pilot – ‘A pilot who navigates a ship from a pilot station over a bar and often into a harbor or dock. Normally a highly experienced ex local ship captain who possesses detailed knowledge of the particular waterway.’

There, and now you know the rest of the story! You know, my first description sadly to say is pretty accurate too! ?

Located on the northern part of town just 3 blocks east of Duval Street in what’s refereed to as Harbor Walk. This is a pedestrian friendly shopping, dining & ocean watching hot spot. You can find the Key West Bar Pilots sign on the western side of Harbor Walk beside the A & B Marina sign pictured below.

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