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True, A Turtle Ambulance!

IMG_2961_1If you need an ambulance while on vacation in the Florida Keys don’t call this company! That is unless one of your pet turtles ‘Donatello’, ‘Raphael’, ‘Michelangelo’, or ‘Leonardo’ swallowed a marble! Wait, those are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they only eat pizza! ?

I kid you not, there’s at least a fleet of two ambulances’ tailor made for the four-legged hard shelled Florida residents. I passed them going down the Keys and swore I’d stop coming back to pass on the truly good-deeds this Turtle Hospital does. As you can see by the license plate below, your purchase of the turtle tag bought these specially outfitted ambulances.

You can find this helping-hand hospital transport of a different kind in the heart of the Florida Keys at Mile Marker 48.5 Bayside on US-1.

IMG_2960_1     IMG_2959_1     IMG_2958_1

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