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Trifecta – Three Bars In One

Just like a day at the races, you too can hit the trifecta here on Duval Street without ever leaving the building. This is easily one of Key West’s most recognizable historic structures!

Very unique in appearance alone containing three of Key West’s most trendy bars in one! A bar named ‘The ‘Bull’ occupies its first floor and is distinguished by its many 6′ x 6′ open air windows. The second floor’s ‘Whistle Bar’ has the rare but beautiful wrap around balcony that at night is filled with party-goers that are on their way to having one too many leaning over the rails yelling at all of the passers-by below. The third bar stands out by having palm trees and other plants lining its rooftop in an oasis type atmosphere aptly named the ‘Garden Of Eden’.

I’ve got a GREAT story for each of the bars that will be featured in a future blog so don’t you dare miss them. Here’s a brief look into the The Bull’s blogs, it includes the Rock-N-Roll Mega Icon Eric Clapton! Too cool!

You can find this three-story trifecta of bars stacked upon each other at the corner of Caroline Street & Duval Street.

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