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The Ugly Shrimp Is Back!

The ugly shrimp is back! This time it’s rooftop and more visible than the last. It was bad enough seeing it on the ground, although it does look better at a distance. In fact, the further you get away from it the better it looks! ?

I laughed as I passed this pink shrimp and just had to turn around and inquire within. I walked into the Marathon Bait & Tackle at Mile Marker 49.1 bayside and quizzed the employee restocking the short pole fish nets. I mentioned, “I noticed that you’re now the proud owners of the pink shrimp formerly at mile marker 31.0 on Big Pine Key”. He said that the shrimp in question had been there a month or so at the time and that his boss had wanted it for years and dreamed of the day it would be his. Wow, he needs to set loftier goals! ? Oh well, I guess sometimes dreams do come true!

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