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The Pink Taxis Of Key West

Yes, I’m embarrassed to say that Key West does indeed have PINK taxis. ? So sad!

I’m pretty sure the reasoning behind it is simple, Key West is known for its all night party atmosphere doing the World Famous Bar Hopping Duval Crawl. (Though I wouldn’t know anything about that personally!) ? Here’s the scoop: After several intoxicating adult beverages science has proven that PINK is the easiest color to see and therefore Key West has followed suite with many other cities in converting all of their yellow taxis to pink. OK, that was an out right lie! ? I totally made that up… hey, you’d make up the same outlandish story to save face if you were the ONLY city in America with PINK taxis! ? I’m so incredibly embarrassed!

You can find the pink city icons anywhere and everywhere along Key West’s multi-lane highway & bi-ways… wow, what’s wrong with me today, that too was an untruth… Key West has NO such multi-lane roads! ? Who cares, just come down and see these laughable eyesores we call “Pink Taxis” for yourself!

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