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The Houseboats of Charterboat Row

Charterboat Row Houseboat

These floating homes are legal in this portion of Key West and add a sense of leisure & flavor for what this island oasis is known for. Among this eclectic collection of boats that have been converted to houses are some very unique, quaint, neat and different tastes personifying each of its owners. There are 30 or 40 at any given time to which you can drop on by and take a gander at and photograph. As you can see, some are missing NO amenities except a yard. This one has two full decks with multiple glass patio doors complete with plants and a gable roof! There’s one houseboat in particular that I left out on purpose since it includes the LARGEST something (yes I’m teasing you to stay tuned) that I will write an entire story about in a future blog. Parking is FREE and browsing around will only take you 10 minutes or so and is well worth the time to stop by! Located on US-1 South at the Historic Charterboat Row & Key West City Marina about a mile or two down the road once you’ve actually arrived on the island of Key West.


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