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School Mascot Welded By Students!

Buccaneer Mascot

Standing nearly 8 feet tall this welded Buccaneer protects his students just as the pirates of the past once protected their booty (treasure) here in the warm waters of their island hide-a-way of Key West. Horace O’Bryant Middle School houses 6th – 8th grades with approximately 712 students and by the way is the United States Southernmost Middle School with Cuba only a short 90 miles south! The pint size junior Buccaneer students enjoy a warm tropical climate all year with an occasional rain shower in the summer and a possible cold front of 60 degrees or so on occasion. So come see this student welded mascot reminiscent of the treasure hunters who once sailed these waters looking for lost treasure. The statue was welded by a high school welding class and donated to the school in January 1988.

The Middle School is located at 1105 Leon Street exactly next to Bayview Park near the roads Truman Ave & N. Roosevelt Blvd meet, then turn on to Jose Marti Drive. You will see the Buccaneer standing proudly in the parking of the school. It’s FREE to stop by but please time your visit to NON-school hours of dropping off or picking up of children. It’s really neat and worth a glance and a mimicking photo pose!

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