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San Pedro Catholic Church

San Pedro Catholic Church

Jesus afloat in a boat? Wow is this one beautiful small church entrance and courtyard! This is worth a stop just to see the courtyard… but the cream of the crop is the life-size statue of St. Peter standing in a boat upon the ocean in the middle of the turn around in front of the church.

The statue itself was carved in Italy from Carrera marble. Now get this… so cool, the rounded stones on either side of the front doors used as planter bases are actually from the Spanish ship “San Pedro’s” ballasts (a ships counter weights) that sunk in a 1733 hurricane just off the Florida coast. How neat is that, you can touch a part of history from Spanish 1733! Just think, those rounded stones were at one time on the bottom of the ocean! And now you know a little bit more about history and how and why the church is named San Pedro. This statue makes for an AWESOME photo, look at the up close of St. Peter aligned with the doorway below, I stood on the hood of my car in order to get the exact angle of St. Peter in the doorway for you! (I’ll get the dent in my hood fixed later) ?

This Spanish style church was built in 1955 and contains artifacts from Spain & Italy. This church is in the bend of the road in US-1 South and can easily be driven by since you’re going about 55 mph at this point. Slow down in preparation to brake at Mile Marker 89.4 bayside in Key Largo to pull off for 5 minutes of your life and just take in the view and beauty. It’s FREE and worth the time.



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