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President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Flag Pole

This well hidden marker known as ‘President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Flag Pole’  (since bearing his name) is NEVER seen by visitors and passed by locals who live only feet away from it. Forgotten by time and ignored by the masses, this flagpole sits unadorned and alone in a part of town that most would actually avoid going into… but not us! We, upon our customary 3-4hr bike ride around town each day found this secluded landmark begging for a photograph to be taken, and so we did!

Maybe you too will seek out President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Flag Pole for a photograph of your own. You can find this rarely seen relic of a commemorative plaque at the corner of White Street & White Street (I’m not kidding either) here in Key West. The next time I’m in Key West I’m going to photograph the street signs… who knows, that might be a future blog! ?

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