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Largest Conch Shell In The Florida Keys

Wow, is this one large Conch Shell! They say if you pick up a conch shell and place it beside your ear that you can hear the ocean waves and surf. Well, I suggest that you don’t even try picking up the sea-side ocean behemoth. This larger-than-life conch shell is made up of welded sheets of thick steel.

As you can see by my partner-in-crime standing next to it that this thing is TALL and it’s better by far that you put your ear to it rather than trying to pick it up. Key West has a rich history in the welding trade and has numerous examples all over town. This man-made statue just like the elementary school Pirate mascot in a former blog are superb specimens of its welding prowess taught in its high schools, tech schools & colleges.

You can find the largest Conch Shell in the Keys located in the parking lot of the local high school on Flagler Ave. in Key West.

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