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Key’s Most Beautiful & Safe Road

It’s very tempting to pass where and when you shouldn’t along your 128 mile drive towards Key West. There’s no more tempting place than the most desolate and fastest speed portion at the beginning of your journey commonly known as the ’18-Mile Stretch’.

Even though a whopping $265 MILLION dollars was spent on a seven-year project to upgrade and make the ’18-Mile Stretch’ safer, they failed to cure the overall length of its obvious deficiencies… its two lane roads!

There’s always been passing lanes, these days they’re in deed safer and even more eye-appealing with the addition of the aqua colored lane dividers lining your entire 18-mile drive. The passing lanes are well-marked and give you time to collect your thoughts while preparing your strategy if you’re behind a slow-moving pickup truck pulling a boat that SHOULD pull into the slower right lane.

I ask you to bring along your patience on this the first part of your trek towards Key West and observe the most BEAUTIFUL & SAFE 18-mile stretch of road in the entire Florida Keys. Wow, did I just blog about a road! ? I’m sorry! ? OK, no I’m not sorry, you can’t enjoy the Florida Keys if you don’t arrive alive!


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