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Key West’s Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam, most U.S. citizens over the age of 16 know that our military heroes fought there but unfortunately still can’t find it on a map. Percentage wise, just as many locals from throughout the Keys and Key West couldn’t tell you where the Key West Vietnam War Memorial is either. In this case, every one of you will be in the top 1% of knowledgeable people in finding its exact location on your next trip to this beautiful island.

First find your way to Bayview Park near the corner of N. Roosevelt Blvd. & Pearl Street. It’s here at Bayview Park’s northernmost side exactly in front of the parking area you’ll find the Vietnam Memorial just a few feet from the sidewalk. The parks biggest building is a gazebos, if you find this you can see it from here just a stones throw north. Now that you have exact directions on getting here don’t fret when you get to the park and DO NOT see a sign saying “Bayview Park”, it wasn’t up the last time I visited. So stop on by and pay tribute to those brave men & women that have served  and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our liberties & rights as Americans!

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