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Key West’s Oldest House’s HIDDEN Monument

8341589305_aaf8dc781f_bThis monument is in deed hard to find unless you know exactly where to look… that my friends is where I come in! Almost every Key West resident (known as Conchs) knows where the oldest house in town is. I’d bet a freshly baked key lime pie that well over half of them couldn’t tell you where the house’s stone monument is located!

Built in 1829 by a ship’s carpenter out of pine & cedar, this home was once located a block away and moved here by mules and rolling logs. This one-and-a-half story home has 3 unmistakable dormers across its front roof above an equally impressive full-length front porch. Having survived 184 years worth of hurricanes, several fires along with an unforgiving corrosive ocean environment this place was built to last. It’s not only Key West’s oldest, it’s also the oldest house in south Florida!

I’m sure at one time the coral monument was visible from the street, now days a white picket fence and stair extension hide it from site! I’ve include a photo below showing a portion of Duval Street, the sidewalk, picket fence, stairs and then the hidden monument.

Now you too can find this little seen historical tribute to everlasting workmanship at 322 Duval Street. Seeing the monument is FREE, a tour of the home on the other hand is not.

IMG_9680     IMG_9681

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