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Key West’s GIANT Compass

Key West’s GIANT Compass

Where can you find the Florida Keys GIANT Compass? That would be all the way down in Key West! I’d bet that 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of tourists have passed this and NEVER EVER knew they had!

This pedestrian ONLY walkway is miles away from its more famous BIG BROTHER pedestrian mecca of Duval Street. This place in particular has to be hunted down on purpose or just found by accident by those ocean seekers wanting a great view from the one place in Key West that offers the furthest reach into the ocean possible while still attached to dry land. That’s right land-lubbers, it’s a pier!

You can find this finger into the sea on Key West’s less traveled east side of the island at the very end of White Street pier. The views are awesome and you won’t be disappointed I promise! As you can see by the top photo, with a person to judge its width that it’s very grandiose indeed! Below is a full width photo along with a close up showing the ‘N’ north symbol painted on it. Enjoy, this is of course FREE and available for viewing ALMOST everyday of the year… don’t come on July 4th expecting to see it though because the pier is closed due to the fireworks display that take up the piers girth to set up! I’ve even heard that in emergencies this has been used as a heliport… ok, for all you non-aronautical personnel that’s a helicopter landing pad! ?


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