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I Swear The Fish Was This Big!

4553530838_59d0718fe3_bOnce again, If you want to hide something it’s said to put it in plain sight… and so they did. If you’ve ever been to Key West before then you’ve passed this going down there and back. I can almost guarantee that 99.9% of you that have been to Key West have NEVER seen this. There’s no sign, it’s right on the road and believe me it’s so easy to whizz right on by without it ever catching your eye.

You can find the beautifully crafted statue on US-1, this bronze wonder “A Fish Story” sculpture is in the parking lot of a gas station of all places at Mile Marker 73.8 oceanside. A typical fisherman’s tale portrayed as a not so typical ornate statue. It of course is FREE and worth the time to pull off in the parking lot and snap a  photo admiring its beauty & meaning… you can almost see him saying “Though it got away, It was this big!” “Yeah sure you did Grandpa!” Opie exclaimed while sitting on their front porch in Mayberry. ?

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