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Highlights’ Magazines Hidden Picture Puzzle?

Remember those Doctors Office magazines named Highlights’ with the famous ‘Hidden Picture Puzzle’ page in them that you use to pick up and try to find all of the items somewhere in the picture. Today’s my version of the same here in Key West.

Is this simply a mural painted on a brick wall of a gazebos, palm tree and pelicans… or is there more? Look close, real close… no, even closer than that! There! You see it? OK, I’ll spell it our for you, can you find this buildings office door in the photo? Believe it or not, it’s an exterior door to this office building which if I recall is a Real Estate Office. To find where the doorknob would be look no further than where the pelicans butts meet and pray that it’s not covered with pelican poop. In all honesty, the hidden door is well disguised and is pretty cool to tell you the truth!

Though I’m not sure of the business occupying this facility, I’m 100% sure of its location for your intriguing viewing pleasure. You can find this ‘Hidden Doorway Mural’ at the corner of Bertha Street & Flagler Avenue here in the sunshine capital of the Keys.

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