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Fun Facts About Easter

juggling-bunnyHAPPY EASTER TO ALL!

Here’s some fun facts that you might have overlooked in your history class! ?

1) Did you know that the painting of eggs has a name? It’s called PYSANKA.

2) The White House has hosted an Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn every year since President Rutherford B. Hayes started the tradition in 1878.

3) Chocolate bunnies are in fact the most preferred candy during Easter… but, did you know that 76% of Americans eat the ears first! ?

4) Over 700,000,000 million marshmallow peeps are sold during Easter! (and that’s ONLY in the USA) ?

5) Americans eat enough multi-colored jelly beans on Easter to wrap around the earth 3 times! ?

6) If you stacked all the Cadbury creme eggs produced in a year on top of each other it would form a mountain ten times taller than Mount Everest! ?

7) Did you know that 11 out of 10 dentist report an increase in office visits for cavities after Easter! OK… I made that one up! (but it’s probably TRUE) ?

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