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Florida’s 1st Millionaire’s Warehouse

IMG_1753It’s TRUE, this is in fact Florida’s first millionaire’s warehouse! Mr. William Curry is credited as being Florida’s first millionaire who just so happened to live here in Key West during the golden age of ‘Wrecking’. Wrecking is the salvage and recovery of goods and vessels that had run aground or sunk.

In this building took place the display, storage and sale of those salvaged shipwrecked goods, sometimes by auction. The building began as a general store selling dry goods and other daily needed products. The building’s checkered past has included unsanctioned boxing matches, textile industry and many more varied proprietors. Who knows, if you rent it this exact building you may be lucky enough to become Florida’s NEXT millionaire getting a blog written about you! ?

You can find the historic William Curry Warehouse at the corner of Greene Street & Elizabeth Street in the USA’s southernmost city of Key West.


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