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Children, They Taste Like Chicken! :-)

It’s absolutely amazing what you can find once you get off the main road! You have to be a DIEHARD fan to risk finding this sign.

I found this one-of-a-kind sign posted at the end of a 7.5 mile desolate road. I never dreamed that ANY road on a Florida Key could be 8 miles long! This road is so long with absolutely nothing to mention on its entire length that I was beginning to worry about breaking down and being eaten alive by the millions of mosquitoes that attacked me while taking this photo. I had a great laugh and after it was all said and done, I’m so glad that I kept going after wanting to stop and turn around saying “There can’t be anything down here worth photographing!”… I was dead wrong! ? Too FUNNY of a sign!

This is the farthest out-of-the-way sign in the history of ‘365 Things To Do In The Florida Keys’! Go to Mile Marker 27.8 bayside and turn onto Middle Torch Road, go down to Dorn Road (Big Torch Key) and turn left and keep driving straight till you think you’ll never reach the end and eventually you will I promise! The sign is posted on a pole to the left. WHAT A HOOT!

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