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‘Bayside’ -vs- ‘Oceanside’

I’ve put off using local lingo for years fearing out-of-town & foreign readers wouldn’t relate to our slang. If you’re still directionally challenged after my explanation I’ll try my best in finding you one of those Smithsonian artifacts historians call a map! ?

‘Bayside’ -vs- ‘Oceanside’ is really an easy concept when in the Florida Keys if you’re cognizant of being surrounded by water on both sides! These are terms telling you on what side of the road a particular location can be found in relation to highway US-1. On the Atlantic Ocean side of the road is known as ‘Oceanside’ while the ‘Gulf of Mexico’ portion is known as ‘Bayside’ as seen in the featured photo saying Porky’s BAYSIDE. There, I DID IT… I feel so much better now! ?

Now go out there and impress your friends by speaking like a local using ‘Bayside’ & ‘Oceanside’ as your point of reference!

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