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Bambi & Family

Check out these adorable Bambi family photos I took just 3 weekends ago on Big Pine Key. OK, now don’t think you have to be way out in the boonies to get pics like these. ALL of these photos were taken on the edge of someone’s yard and street corner by a stop sign.

Though I took about 20 photos of this one deer family, I’ve chosen these three as the best sampling. They are: 1) Parent & child at edge on yard 2) Child with its spots alone 3) Family at lunch time eating on a street corner.

Here’s some simple advice for deer sightseeing… “GET OFF THE MAIN ROAD!” ? Simply put, you can increase your Bambi viewing pleasure by 10 fold if you turn down a side road bayside and head towards the Atlantic Ocean side of this tiny island paradise.

You can find Bambi and all of his Key Deer relatives on Big Pine Key from Mile Marker 33.0 thru 28.8 on US-1 in the beautiful Florida Keys.


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